Brewing Togetherness in the Local Community

Partner with Pu’er Taiwan Tea & Coffee to Own Your Puer Tea Store

Are you ready to take the reins of your destiny and be the master of your own journey? If the idea of becoming your own boss ignites a spark within you, then let’s embark on a thrilling venture together. Pu’er Taiwan Tea & Coffee invites you to partner with us and own your Puer tea store, creating something extraordinary in the realm of authentic Taiwanese cold-brewed coffee and tea.

Why Choose Pu’er Taiwan Tea & Coffee for Your Entrepreneurial Endeavor?

Craft Perfected Over Years:

    • Pu’er Taiwan Tea & Coffee stands as a testament to years dedicated to perfecting the art of crafting beverages that deliver an unparalleled burst of flavor with every sip. Our commitment to creating a unique and exquisite experience sets us apart in the world of authentic Taiwanese cold-brewed coffee and tea.

 Established Since 2018:

    • Founded in 2018, Pu’er was born out of a deep passion for tea and coffee. Our owners bring over 15 years of invaluable experience in the food and beverage industry. This wealth of knowledge ensures a profound understanding of the diverse palate of USA customers and a comprehensive insight into Asian culinary traditions.

Authentic Taiwanese Tea and Coffee:

    • Pu’er is more than a tea and coffee store; it is a celebration of authentic Taiwanese flavors and traditions. As a Pu’er partner, you become an ambassador of genuine Asian beverages, contributing to the rich tapestry of global tea and coffee culture.

Explosive Growth in 2023:

    • Witness the success story unfold. In 2023, Pu’er Taiwan Tea & Coffee marked a significant milestone by opening three additional stores. The year 2024 holds the promise of even more expansion, solidifying our commitment to growth and success.

Outstanding Same-Store Sales Growth:

  • Pu’er boasts an impressive 49% consecutive growth in same-store sales, showcasing the profitability and success of our stores. Joining Pu’er means aligning with a proven business model that translates into tangible and sustainable growth.
Brewing Togetherness in the Local Community

What Our Licensing Offers?

Low Investment:

  • Begin your entrepreneurial journey with a reasonable investment ranging from $150,000 to $250,000. Pu’er believes in making entrepreneurship accessible to passionate individuals, and the low investment requirement reflects our commitment to your success.

Simple Operation:

    • The Pu’er business model is designed for simplicity, ensuring that the operation of your Puer tea store is both efficient and manageable. This simplicity allows you to focus on strategic business aspects, promoting growth and success.

Low Monthly Fee:

  • Pu’er understands the importance of a sustainable financial model for our partners. Benefit from a low monthly fee structure that maximizes your profits, allowing you to channel resources into the growth of your business.

Complete Brand Kit and Marketing Support:

    • As a Pu’er partner, you receive a comprehensive brand kit that ensures consistency and authenticity across your store. Our experienced marketing team provides ongoing support, helping you establish a strong presence in your local market and connect with your audience effectively.

Full Training and Support:

    • Pu’er is dedicated to empowering its partners. Receive thorough training and ongoing support to navigate the nuances of the tea and coffee business. This comprehensive support system ensures that you are well-equipped to tackle challenges and celebrate successes as a Pu’er franchisee.

Sustainable Supply Chain with Free Delivery:

  • Pu’er places great emphasis on a reliable and sustainable supply chain, providing free delivery to your stores. Enjoy the convenience of a well-managed logistics system that keeps your store stocked with premium ingredients, ensuring the consistent quality that Pu’er is known for.

Seize the opportunity to unlock your entrepreneurial spirit with Pu’er Taiwan Tea & Coffee. Join us in the exhilarating journey of owning your Puer tea store, where every sip tells a story of authenticity, passion, and success. Let’s create something amazing together!