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Everything gets better with Tea!

Our mission is to make the best efforts to create a unique place where our customers will be able to socialize in a relaxing and comfortable environment as they enjoy the best cold brewed tea or coffee in town. We shall engage in the business of helping our customers overcome the stresses of every day by providing peace of mind through customer services that are friendly, great ambiance, a location that is convenient and high-quality products.

Pu'er Taiwan Tea & Coffee believes that the quality of drinks is not only a requirement for our brand but also a commitment to customers. Therefore, we keep a close eye on our quality to maintain the same quality of each cup of tea. We create every handcrafted drink with fresh cold brewed tea or coffee – “Cold brewing” method takes 48 hours to have a full-flavored, very smooth, velvety taste.

We care about every detail and adhere to the professional quality and perfectness because we firmly believe one drinks sentiment from tea, devour a sense of happiness…